× Note: There are totally 11 available fixed Verbal tests.
× Note: The GMAC has updated the new layout of GMAT test. Click HERE for more information.

We have updated all fixed tests with the new structure of GMAT. Enjoy!

You may ask why acegmattest or ask whether we have anything special. We confirm that we do!

On acegmattest, we have those things below:

  • CATs are truly adaptive
  • We have designed adaptive system that has the same algorithm as the actual test has.
    Note that the score could inflat because many users could retake the test many times. The question bank will be enriched in the future to avoid score inflation.

  • All questions from verified sources
  • We used all questions from verified sources to ensure the quality of those tests that the system creates. Higher quality tests mean that you could expect a better score estimation thus you could save much time in studying GMAT.

    And more interested things that we can't list them here. Why don't you try and explore our website? We hope that our system helps you enjoy studying GMAT and get a higher score as you expected.

We provide 2 types of tests: fixed test and adaptive test.

Fixed tests are those tests that contain some certain questions. Those questions will be used later in adaptive tests.
Adaptive tests are better to estimate your score. Those tests are truely adaptive and works the same way as real GMAT tests.

Now, you could take GMAT tests.

All of your taken tests will be displayed here.

You could review your taken tests at any time you want.

You could also reset all of your taken tests so you could retake them later. This feature will be useful for anyone who want to seek more tests for practice.

Note that retake any test could lead to score inflation because of question repetition. Use this feature wisely.

This feature is under development. We will notify you if this feature is completed.
Do you know?

We have 11 available fixed Verbal tests for you.
All questions in fixed tests are from GMAC Paper Tests and they are carefully chosen to ensure that each test has a good distribution of each difficult level. Also, all of those tests are FREE.

You should take adaptive tests for better results. To raise question bank for adaptive tests, we have to employ questions from fixed tests first. The more test takers take those fixed tests, the higher quality those questions are. As the result, the adaptive system will deliver better result for you.

The adaptive test could throw you a harder question if you answer correct and could throw you an easier question if you answer wrong.

You shouldn't take adaptive test if the quality of remaining questions in question bank isn't good enough to estimate your ability because the remaining questions could be too easy or too hard for you. As the result, your score could increase or decrease and the estimated ability will not near your real ability. Consider this point seriously!