acegmattest is built for you, who want to seek more tests to prepare for GMAT.

I see that many test takers, while preparing for GMAT test, often run out of available tests to study. For example, they have 2 full free tests from GMATPrep (those two tests have the same adaptive algorithm as the actual GMAT). To seek more tests to prepare, test takers have to buy.

Those paid tests could be from GMAC, with EP1 and EP2 packages (each costs $49.99). Test takers could also buy 7 more tests from Veritas with $49 or buy 6 more tests from Manhattan GMAT with $49. Another good GMAT CAT is from Gmatclub but test takers have to purchase subscription for 3 months with $55. Those tests cost too much.

In addition, all tests from third-party are not always good enough to estimate score because those tests don't use the same algorithm as the actual test does. Hence, test takers could waste a lot of time and money in poor-quality test.

acegmattest has been built to use the same algorithm as the actual test does. Those adaptive tests on this website will be real adaptive. Also, we guarantee that all questions used on this website are from verified source. Thus, you could trust the quality of those tests you taken on this website.

Initially, we have to build question bank for adaptive test first. This means that we have to build fixed tests first. The more test takers take those fixed tests, the better those adaptive test will be.

All fixed tests use question from GMAC Paper Tests. Why? Because those questions are from complete retired tests. Hence, you shouldn't worry about the quality of those questions. We also take some changes to build a test that matches the newest test structure. Although those fixed tests aren't adaptive, those tests could provide you some good results that are good enough to estimate your score and your ability. Do not underestimate those fixed tests.

Finally, we hope this website could provide you good experience. Enjoy studying GMAT! 🙂


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