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This is the Timer function that could help you practice with any source at any time.

Here are those steps to practice with Timer

Step 1: Fill down the source that you want to practice with. You could change it later, but you should fill it before practice.

Step 2: Fill down the type of those questions you want to practice. You could choose "Any" so you could change those values later.

Step 3: Fill down the question number you want to practice.

Then now, click button Start to start your practice session. To end that session any time, click button End.

You could also pause your current session because of interruption by click button Pause. Now, you could resume your session anytime by clicking button Resume.

Note: To change value of any cell in error log table, click that cell to edit that value. To submit changes, hit Enter (or Ctrl+Enter for Note column) or ESC key.

In case that you have some troubles with saving those modified values, click this button in the right of that row to save changes.

If you want to delete that row, click this button . Note that this action cannot be done!
Here are tutorials for using ErrorLog

For changing values in ErrorLog table, use the same way as in Timer page.

There are two ways you could use to search row: quick search and custom search. Those things are quite easy to use. Try it :)